Friday, 19 February 2010

We Only Live Once.


Update time. sorry for leaving you for like a month. I have been busy at my work placement at designer, Eun Jeong. This is my first time doing a placement at an actual studio, and the experience has taught me a few things about my future.

1. I will not be a designer - too much stress, no social life, endless nights, no money plus since I got here I have just been eating rubbish I am sure I have put on weight!

2. I now know what area of fashion I want to go into, finally!

The idea of being a fashion designer to people is the glamourous life, parading into the studio with eight assistants behind you and all you have to do is say yes, no and you're fired. Wake up guys and girls, here is a slap of reality! It's long hours for example 9 am till 9 pm or later. Your whole body aching from bending over, you fight for your eyes to stay open throwing coffee down your throat and constantly eating shit. How's that for being a glamourous designer?

Don't get me wrong, the end product is always worth it and in a few days EJ will be seeing all her hard work and endless nights walking down the catwalk and wowing the crowd. I just don't think it is for me. I have always loved fashion and always will the excitement the glamour the everything! The last month has made me realise design isn't my forte, the creative side, the research yes, but the final garment....well it doesn't come out so good.

Since I have been on placement I have done so much for EJ, organising the model casting, backstage set up, contacting buyers, bloggers and everyone else in between. Calling out my best friend so she can be the model for the hair and make up trial, I could go on. After the chaos, I realised I actually enjoyed it. I love the hustle and busy and sorting everything out just in time.

Another thing I realised, ` this time of year I get bitten by the styling bug, and organise a shoot every year, and yes I have bitten again. Easter holiday it will be organised so watch this space! I finally realised styling and PR is the area of the industry that my heart truly belongs to.

As much as many people think university is the be all and end all, and the decision of leaving is totally wrong. Why waste my money for something my heart isn't in? We only live once right? There is a lot of decisions, that I have to make, hence why I haven't been on here for a while. More information about my placement soon.

In other news it's the start of LONDON FASHION WEEK! Anyone know the best fashion party to go to after the whole week is done?!