Friday, 27 August 2010

Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway. It has been going since May and now its finished! I've gone through the comments and found some amazing blogs, some have been bookmarked even!


Label.m Leave-In Conditioner, Sea Salt Spray and 2 Topshop Hair Slides = Nika
Label.m Volume Mousse, Relaxing Balm and 2 Topshop Hair Slides = Sadi
The Bloggers Surprise Giveaway = Silvia (It will remain a surprise, Check out Silvia's blog to see what she won)

And to top it off there has been a surprise giveaway. TWO TICKETS TO A LONDON FASHION WEEK SHOW! Sadly, this was only for followers who reside in the UK. 

And the winner is.... Golden Glow

Well Done and Thank You

Your prizes will be in the post next week sometime.

Who Will Be The Winner?

We are nearing the end of the giveaway... who will be the winner.. You never know I may throw in an extra giveaway.... maybe some tickets to a London Fashion Week show. 

Who will be number 100? 

Remember that you must follower and pop your details in the comment box.

If we reach 100 this weekend the goodies will sent in the post on Tuesday, due to the Bank Holiday Weekend. Anyone attending Carnival and some good parties?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cool Kids On The Block

In today's society, children seem to grow up so fast. I may only be 21, and yes I sound like old naggy grandma, but it is completely different to my day. Mobile phones while in primary school were unheard of violence everywhere and I didn't know the difference between manicure and pedicure.
It's not all bad for these youngsters; lucky for them they weren't born in the late 80s and brought up in the 90s. 90s fashion? Platform trainers? Spice Girls Fashion? Not too great. I was on the tube some late summer afternoon on the way back from work, and OH MY three trendy ladies were sitting opposite me. Mum and two daughters, all of them amazing style. You could tell the girls had individual style, one was slightly more shall I say 'All Saint-sy' and on was more 'I am the secret love child of Pharrell Williams'.
They sat there chatting away to mum about what they bought today and how little they bought in the hour many hours they were out shopping. Oh did I forget to tell you that they were aged around 6 and 9? Yeah, exactly. I had to stop and tell mum about their impeccable style, which she smiled and proceeded to tell me where she got the Pharrell's daughters trainers.
Once they got off the train. All I could think is wow, the children of the next generation are going to have such amazing style. I googled fashionable kids, and it seems these two girls weren’t the only ones with swagger like us ( thanks for that M.I.A) My lucky unborn children, mummy will dress you well. Shame, couldn't I be born in the 2000s?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

What Took Me So Long?

Sorry for not posting in such a long time. There have been a whirlwind of things going on at the moment. Over the past summer months I have been taken a little time out to see what I really want in life - career wise and personally. My mum (mummy to me) was hospitalised, and she isn't one to be so unwell. It was a shock to not just me, but my whole family. Luckily, she was not in the worse of conditions, but to see someone you care about so much with things attached to them wasn't nice. However she is home now, taking a nice summers rest and recovery and as usual back to her old self.

- Just want to say I love you Mummy and it's good to see that you're home, nagging and all sorts. Thank you to all my friends and family for the support. I love you all!

On to lighter news, as I have posted before I have been steered away from Fashion Design and more into promotion, public relations and styling. I have been honoured with the opportunity of an internship at my previous internship ( hope that wasn't confusing), Eun Jeong. She has a small team which means alot more responsibility - thus a massive education which I have to say you won't learn in the classroom. Sorting out things for the run up for fashion week including invitations, sponsorships, ticket requests and the list could go on. It has given me the chance to know fully what I want to do, and this is it. Will I work with Eun Jeong for the rest of my career? Proberly Not, but she's help me to learn alot about the industry and myself.

There are times where I am fed up like hell, tired and wish there was more time in the day. Then at the end of the day I realise how much I love it. Fashion, is actually what I love.

I have took a break from education, some may say that's wrong, but when you were in my shoes you would know it was a very very difficult decision. I am going back to education to a university I love and wish I never left. My application is in the works and I can't wait to hopefully be walking down the corridors of an amazing university.

Most of all I have learnt that in my life there are a few people who have been supportive through all of it,
- Mum
- Dad
- My Boyfriend
- The few amazing friends
- And you guys, really it's true.

Thank you all guys, for keeping me going. It's nice to know more people are following me in my absence. I think it's 96 followers, Wow. Thank you x

I really won't leave you in the dark again..