Tuesday, 23 June 2009

That Mendhi

My beautiful friend from college, Hanifa, had her Mendhi on Thursday night. For all those who don't know what a Mendhi is it is actually a henna tattoo, but the whole event is like a hen night, but with a religious link.. well I think it is. Anyway I went our and got an asian suit which I have to say looked amazing. I love the colour, the beading and it fitted perfect! 

Hanifa looked amazing and it really did bring a tear to my eye, literally. She is already so beautiful, but on Thursday night she looked like royality. I've known Hanifa since college, we met at the interview and thankfully were put in the same class and we've been friends since. Sadly once she is married she will be moving the US with her new husband and his family, but I hope she will carry on studying fashion. She is a very talented girl, with a heart of gold.

 Her house was arabian nights themed and really her family went all out! Rich reds and gold all around this picture really doesn't do it justice. The lanterns were amazing, the rugs and amazing fabrics. I really was in another world. It was nice to see old friends that I haven't seen since college!

Hanifa, I love you and I will be come to San Francisco very soon! The wedding pictures will be up very soon

Monday, 15 June 2009

That Erica Anenberg Ring

I was just being nosey at all my friends pages on chictopia and I saw this amazing picture! Why is it amazing apart from her look beautiful, but her amazing ring! It's buy Erica Anenberg I am totally in love with it! A friend of mine, Joanne, has a two fingered ring with her name on it which I love love love, but this one I really love. I totally want to customise it, but first I will have to save up for it unless my boyfriend is willing to by me another ring?! (hint hint baby)

Here's Joanne's one isn't it super dupa fly?

Here's the beautiful ring on imurdstiny's ring 

That Mesh Dress

I am totally loving the rebirth of the Mesh right now! I have been thinking about purchasing the American Apparel one for quite some time, but couldn't decide which colour? So I went to my local store, seen as all the reviews said that certain colours just don't look the same as the online images. I thought I would ponder over it and may get my cousins to get it in NY when she goes over there in July.

The suddenly out of nowhere everyone is selling a mess dress! Of course the first the jump on it would be Topshop, then ASOS! I have to say Topshop's stuff is great some cool little stuff, but now I have no clue which one I want?! I really don't have the funds to buy all of them. So help me decide! 

AA: great colours, some great new printed ones too, but the price is high, yet I could get it cheaper in NY
Topshop: great prints too and cheaper, but the world and its wife go to Topshop?

Help me decide?
Images courtesy of Topshop & American Apparel

Saturday, 13 June 2009

That Forever 21 in London

This is news that some people may know already, FOREVER 21 will be hitting London's West End soon. US fashion retailer Forever 21 is understood to have made offers on two stores on Oxford Street as part of plans for European expansion.  Forever 21 have instructed its solely retained agent Harper Dennis Hobbs to make offers on two stores on the capital's key shopping thoroughfare. It has been confirmed that there are 'two or three opportunities' on Oxford Street, but it hasn't been confirmed where, but it has been said they are looking for a large, prominent stores of between 30,000 sq ft and 50,000 sq ft.

I am sorry! I am jumping in excitement I'm always on F21's site and wishing I was in New York to be able to buy! For those who don't know it's a cross between H&M prices and Topshop looks. I have been moaning about the US taking our Topshop, well HA we're going to have your F21!

Their 'Heritage' line is what you should really look at it's amazing and their jewellery is to die for.... Topshop a rival will be arriving on your doorstep soon!

Hop over to forever21 and see some amazing stuff here are a few of my picks!
All images copyright to Forever21.com

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

That Graduate Fashion Week 2009

Sorry I haven't been blogging in a long time. I've had so much going on and I didn't know what to exactly put on my blog? Should it just be fashion related? I always found that quite difficult, I'm still in the learning process of understanding fashion and style.

Yesterday I was working backstage at the 2009 Graduate Fashion Week as a dresser. It really is a great experience and anyone serious about having a career in fashion, I suggest being a dresser is something you should do. Me being me, I arrived too early ONE HOUR in fact! I saw one of my tutors Louis De Gama, he is also an amazing fashion designer so look at his work. I bumped into him and he suggested I take a look around the exhibition at the other universities so I bumped paying for a ticket since I was a dresser and got a free ticket instead!

Every university was amazing in it's own right and congratulations to all the students graduating this year. I had read in the Metro (yes I know!) that the great fashion blogger Susie Bubble had her own stall and of course I went over to meet her. I explained to her that I had my own blog, but I just didn't know how to start it out, what to put and what not to put. She was very helpful and gave me great advice which I will keep with me not just for the blog but overall in life.

'Don't think about it, just do it....let it flow'

It's really true. Why should I care for what people will think, not everything I do be their cup of tea, right?! 

So here it is, a new day and a fresh start. 

Here's my blog.

As I said before I was lucky enough for to be a dresser for my university. Since I arrived early I had a walk round seeing such amazing work and talent and hoping that one day my work will be there. 

At four I met the other dressers, some slightly overdressed to be dressers for me personally, but hey whatever floats your boat. We got our passes and unloaded the racks of clothing. People rushing by or rather running to start getting set up. Once we got backstage it finally sunk in I AM BACKSTAGE AT A FASHION SHOW! Models names posted to their own racks and hair and make up getting briefed, it all became so real. We put all the garments on their assigned racks and waited for the models to come. One by one they all came in, I got my dresser kit out I seemed to be the only one who brought anything, actually I was.

- pins; dressing and safety
- needle & threads in array of colours 
- lint remover 
- masking tape
- silk scarf
- cream
- boob tape =p
- water, just because I don't want to faint!

I thought I may of overdone it, but honestly it all came handy.

Finally my model, Lydia, came and she was a gem when she came over with a big smile on her face I knew she wasn't going to be a diva. She came over introduced herself and ask our names. We did a run through and of course things were missing, it's fashion! Thanks to my amazing dresser leader Rochelle, it all got sorted out and we found a way round the problem.

Hair and make up took ages, so I got her something to eat and drink (and Oreos, because everyone loves Oreos!). I didn't understand why it took so long to straighten her hair when it was already straight?! We was literally putting on her first look on while she was getting her hair and make up done in the line up, it sounds easier than it actually was. Great teamwork there!

The show went off with a snap, bang, crackle & pop and I felt so proud to be a part of it a small part, but a part of it.  I finally feel part of the fashion industry! Doing my degree it is great of course, but being outside London I miss all the hustle and bustle. Hopefully next year I will be driving and I will get the opportunity to network more. This opportunity has really made me want to do it more I love fashion and being a dresser is a great way to learn the ins and outs of it. Thats why its called backstage it's behind the scenes...or behind the seams....gosh I am sad.


love ya much xoxo

And yes there was male models, and yes they were hot, but gosh they know it.