Monday, 15 June 2009

That Mesh Dress

I am totally loving the rebirth of the Mesh right now! I have been thinking about purchasing the American Apparel one for quite some time, but couldn't decide which colour? So I went to my local store, seen as all the reviews said that certain colours just don't look the same as the online images. I thought I would ponder over it and may get my cousins to get it in NY when she goes over there in July.

The suddenly out of nowhere everyone is selling a mess dress! Of course the first the jump on it would be Topshop, then ASOS! I have to say Topshop's stuff is great some cool little stuff, but now I have no clue which one I want?! I really don't have the funds to buy all of them. So help me decide! 

AA: great colours, some great new printed ones too, but the price is high, yet I could get it cheaper in NY
Topshop: great prints too and cheaper, but the world and its wife go to Topshop?

Help me decide?
Images courtesy of Topshop & American Apparel

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