Monday, 15 June 2009

That Erica Anenberg Ring

I was just being nosey at all my friends pages on chictopia and I saw this amazing picture! Why is it amazing apart from her look beautiful, but her amazing ring! It's buy Erica Anenberg I am totally in love with it! A friend of mine, Joanne, has a two fingered ring with her name on it which I love love love, but this one I really love. I totally want to customise it, but first I will have to save up for it unless my boyfriend is willing to by me another ring?! (hint hint baby)

Here's Joanne's one isn't it super dupa fly?

Here's the beautiful ring on imurdstiny's ring 


  1. aww you featured me on your blog! =)

    i bought the ring for almost 50% off on Gilt when they had an Erica Anenberg sale. i also bought a cool 2-finger snake ring in silver w/ red swarovski crystal eyes that i gave to my little sister. keep a lookout for if they go on sale again b/c i know they do repeat sales!

  2. I love 2 finger rings. I wish I could get a custom one!

  3. thanks phi style for dropping me a message and letting me know about the sale! I defo want the Erica Anenberg one, but get it engraved with my name I think!

    Thanks Ally for your comment too!