Thursday, 23 July 2009

Super Fly Girls!


A great friend of mine Kylie, sent me a message on facebook showing me her double ring and saying how much she loved my blog! Thanks boo! 

I love having friends with super fly style and Kylie is just one of them. They are inspirations and aspirations and mould you into the person you are, and make your clothes look super dull! Kylie is my Sneaker Queen because she is just has the best sneakers and she mixes and matches her large collection with her great outfits to make her look like a superdupadupa fly lady! So here's to you Kylie and all my friends with great style.


My other wonderfully fashionable friends! Jacqueline, Derya, Alice and Kim. All there styles are not a bit of the norm and that is why I love it!





love you guys, love your style. Fashion obviously looks good on you. xoxo

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Popcorn & Coco.

This is a fashion must see! I am so glad there is finally a release date. 

Coco avant Chanel, it sounds so much better in its original French title, tells the story of fashion icon Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel from before her success. A headstrong orphan who went from cabaret singer to humble seamstress. She embarks on an extraordinary journey before becoming true fashion royality. 

I don't want to tell you too much, even though the majority of you will already know the story. It's out in cinemas on July 31st, so get all you fashion lovers out wearing your black and white chanel inspires outfits, pearls and sunglasses (please remember to take them off before the film starts!) and watch what is truly on of the greatest moments in fashion history!

If that isn't enough fashion for you! Keep a look out for documovie 'The September Issue'. Documentary filmmaker R.J. Cutler followed Anna Wintour and her Vogue team for nine months as they put together the 2007 September issue.With seemingly unreal access, Cutler followed Anna and her team to Fashion Weeks around the world, to photo shoots, to visits with designers like Vera Wang andNicolas Ghesquière. But mostly, they were in the Vogue offices. In this two-minute taste of the movie, we see scenes of Anna working in her office with her team.

Until the movies are out we are just going to have to watch the trailers over and over again.

African Adventure





As I said in my previous post, I just got back from my holiday in Tunisia and omg it was amazing. Sun, sun, sun and more sun! Here is one of the outfits I wore during my holiday. I wish I could but all my photographs up so you can see! The food was lovely, I did miss my pork since there wasn't any other there because it is an Islamic country! Thankfully, there was no time difference to London because of Ramadan so no lost sleep! There was so much to do and see that a week just wasn't enough. Jet skiing, paracutes, quad biking and relaxing on a catamaran ( actually that isn't true! It was horrible!) was all we got to do as well as enjoying the beach, pool and local waterpark! Thanks to the boyfriend for taking me on such a wonderful African adventure! Love you so much. So here are a few photographs of my adventure and my outfits!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

i love martine.

I really do love martine. Her style and look  is really amazing! I only just saw her on chictopia and I am amazed by just one picture. The dress above is a vintage bargain which only cost her $30 damn, I hate the fact that it is vintage because I can't get one! =[ 

Her blog, ilovemartine is also amazing! She is a my new styling muse. She is creative mixing old with new, picking great vintage pieces. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I was away from my mac and my blog for a week soaking up the sun in Tunisia with the boyfriend. Don't worry I've taken lots of photographs so you can se all my outfits!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Shopping: Women vs. Men

I laugh at this because 89% of the time this is so true. I say 89% because I have been in Topman and nowadays our male counterparts are actually taking longer to shop. My boyfriend since he's been with me takes longer to shop, but not to the extent of the 'female' in this diagram. 

Now ladies, let's not deny with done a similar trip to this.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hanifa's Wedding

As promised, Here are a few pictures from Hanifa’s wedding! She looked as beautiful as ever and of course I teared up couldn’t help myself! Here dress was a cross between Asian and Western dress and her whole family looked amazing.The food was to die for! Seriously I just kept eating and eating the whole table was laughing at me eating so much!I am really going to miss you Hanifa! Make sure you look after yourself and stay true to yourself!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

i love new york.


A friend of mine got me this t-shirt a couple years ago when she went new york, well it was a t-shirt. Since it has been worn and torn I thought I would play on that idea and make it into a cool little crop top. I think I went a little too scissor happy!

This was all due to the heatwave happening in London at the moment. Yes, London is known for it’s rain. but I am telling you the heat is crazy over here! I thought I would pick up the boyfriend at work for a surprise, but he was surprising me by taking me to dinner! Lol, so we decided to meet at his a little later. Gave me time to go shopping at everyones favourite store TOPSHOP! I only shop at the flagship in London, there isn’t really any point going to any other that is where the exclusive, limited edition stuff is at!


I bought this really cute Limted Edition crop top. I have now shopping with a new policy! staple forever on trend items only. In this economic state buying fast fashion is just not worth while in the long run, so I am now going to buy items which are of higher quality and will be of higher price.

I think everyone should save, shop wisely, so they can invest.

Do you have shopping rules?