Wednesday, 1 July 2009

i love new york.


A friend of mine got me this t-shirt a couple years ago when she went new york, well it was a t-shirt. Since it has been worn and torn I thought I would play on that idea and make it into a cool little crop top. I think I went a little too scissor happy!

This was all due to the heatwave happening in London at the moment. Yes, London is known for it’s rain. but I am telling you the heat is crazy over here! I thought I would pick up the boyfriend at work for a surprise, but he was surprising me by taking me to dinner! Lol, so we decided to meet at his a little later. Gave me time to go shopping at everyones favourite store TOPSHOP! I only shop at the flagship in London, there isn’t really any point going to any other that is where the exclusive, limited edition stuff is at!


I bought this really cute Limted Edition crop top. I have now shopping with a new policy! staple forever on trend items only. In this economic state buying fast fashion is just not worth while in the long run, so I am now going to buy items which are of higher quality and will be of higher price.

I think everyone should save, shop wisely, so they can invest.

Do you have shopping rules?

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