Tuesday, 23 June 2009

That Mendhi

My beautiful friend from college, Hanifa, had her Mendhi on Thursday night. For all those who don't know what a Mendhi is it is actually a henna tattoo, but the whole event is like a hen night, but with a religious link.. well I think it is. Anyway I went our and got an asian suit which I have to say looked amazing. I love the colour, the beading and it fitted perfect! 

Hanifa looked amazing and it really did bring a tear to my eye, literally. She is already so beautiful, but on Thursday night she looked like royality. I've known Hanifa since college, we met at the interview and thankfully were put in the same class and we've been friends since. Sadly once she is married she will be moving the US with her new husband and his family, but I hope she will carry on studying fashion. She is a very talented girl, with a heart of gold.

 Her house was arabian nights themed and really her family went all out! Rich reds and gold all around this picture really doesn't do it justice. The lanterns were amazing, the rugs and amazing fabrics. I really was in another world. It was nice to see old friends that I haven't seen since college!

Hanifa, I love you and I will be come to San Francisco very soon! The wedding pictures will be up very soon

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  1. Hi Natalie!!
    good to see you're on blogspot!
    thank you for your lovely comments! i'm a project junkie, i live for this shiiit! hahahahaha.

    hope college is fun for you! we have holidays in one week! allows me to do some sewing!