Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cool Kids On The Block

In today's society, children seem to grow up so fast. I may only be 21, and yes I sound like old naggy grandma, but it is completely different to my day. Mobile phones while in primary school were unheard of violence everywhere and I didn't know the difference between manicure and pedicure.
It's not all bad for these youngsters; lucky for them they weren't born in the late 80s and brought up in the 90s. 90s fashion? Platform trainers? Spice Girls Fashion? Not too great. I was on the tube some late summer afternoon on the way back from work, and OH MY three trendy ladies were sitting opposite me. Mum and two daughters, all of them amazing style. You could tell the girls had individual style, one was slightly more shall I say 'All Saint-sy' and on was more 'I am the secret love child of Pharrell Williams'.
They sat there chatting away to mum about what they bought today and how little they bought in the hour many hours they were out shopping. Oh did I forget to tell you that they were aged around 6 and 9? Yeah, exactly. I had to stop and tell mum about their impeccable style, which she smiled and proceeded to tell me where she got the Pharrell's daughters trainers.
Once they got off the train. All I could think is wow, the children of the next generation are going to have such amazing style. I googled fashionable kids, and it seems these two girls weren’t the only ones with swagger like us ( thanks for that M.I.A) My lucky unborn children, mummy will dress you well. Shame, couldn't I be born in the 2000s?


  1. how adorable!!!!!!!
    thanks to Suri Cruise, the youger they get the cuter the fashion.

  2. i absolutely love this post. so cleverly written and definitely chimes a cord with me. totally agree with everything you've said. these kids are crazy fashionable and so cool. although, even though i probably looked like a total nutter during most of my childhood, i definitely enjoyed myself and didn't take things too seriously. i wasn't fussed about fashion really until i was like 13 and i think there is definitely something nice about that. kids shouldn't have to worry about cell phones and designer clothes - they should be able to run around and play in the dirt. haha. that's what i enjoyed doing at least! xx

  3. hey! have been visiting your blog for a while and finally i've decided to follow you!

    these little kids look amazing!

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  4. They look so cute, and very stylish :-)