Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The East End Thrift Store

I know I know it's been a while. I have been doing constructive things with my time. Like.... uni work (meh!), and going to work (Anthropologie, crazy busy!)! I haven't forgot my little blog.. I have news for you... lol.

For the East Londoners, aren't we a lucky lot.

I went to my first thrift store in London, The East End Thrift Store, with fellow blogger Rochaelle from The London Doll and a few others. It was amazing... all in the back streets like East London's little secret. No where near anything fashion related believe us. We had to walk down back streets thinking it was a set up, then we saw the light and the clothes dancing at us.

Everything you could think of dresses, jackets, shirts, underwear...everything for both genders, well except no underwear for the men.. poor studs lol.

With cheap wine in hand we went round and round amazed by the quality and prices. I got an amazing navy blazer for £15! Yes you heard me right fifteen quid. Rochaelle went blazer happy and got I think three blazers and a belt.. for about £50. So satisfied with ourselves we had to take a picture, but of course the location is a secret. We can't tell everyone......

Okay, okay.... here's the link. Just don't tell the world, or else it might not be so cheap....

sorry for the bad quality images.. my phone is crap, upgrade soon.

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