Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Burr It's Cold In Here!

As some of you may know by now, I having taking some time out of education after just under two years of studying at university, found what I love to do which I would like to call 'creative direction' - basically styling, promotion, marketing and lots of other stuff rolled into one. 

Within the last year I have had an educational and fashion industry tasting experience working with Eun Jeong. I have learnt what not to do and what to do, the ins and outs, but I have not learnt everything - but I have learnt what I want to do.

I am retaking the journey of applying to university which this time round I am much more prepared for. With this I decided to do a shoot to freshen up my portfolio. I have been doing lots of sketching and illustrations. I am really finding my creative flair again, being more fluid and free with what all my creativeness.

I am planning to create a mini portfolio which i can bring around with me to interviews for internships and universities and other such things which they can keep and make them remember me. Hopefully this will work in my favour. 

Anyway, these are a few backstage shots taken by Lara. Our lovely model Sooanne was absolutely amazing, she is so beautiful, sang us lots of songs like a little jukebox and acted like an angel even though it was absolutely freezing and was happy to do a shot in the snow on rooftop!Thank you to Gabi Torres the photographer on this shoot and Audrey for her magic make up hands. 

I can't wait to see the final photographs and show you guys!


  1. Yo Nat, where's that rooftop? East London?

  2. This looks so much fun :). All the clothes are lovely too. Good luck with the Uni interviews/internships :)

  3. KIT: I fb'ed you the information

    EMMA: Thank you very much!!!