Friday, 7 January 2011

Wise Words, Cake & Shoots

Happy New Year!! I know it's a week into the new year, and seven days of me being a 22 year old. I have to come to the conclusion I must leave my childish ways behind and become a fully fledged adult that includes eating healthy and giving out wise words. This would work out fine, but at the moment I am sitting here eating what is left of my birthday cake and the only wise words that are coming out my mouth are NOM NOM NOM. 

When it comes to organising a photo shoot even I can be honest and say I become slightly excited like a child at Christmas. So I am sure you all heard my screams when I got some of the images from my baby, yes this shoot is my baby. They came out fantastic and I haven't even seen all of them yet!!

I just want to give special thanks once again to amazing photographer Gabi Torres, Model Sooanne Berner, the make up artist Audrey and to Robinson Pffeffer for the clothes!! 

By the way the giveaway winners are...

Congrats I will send you all an email soon!!


  1. Wow, I'm glad the shoot turned out great! I love the pictures, especially the forth and fifth,
    and wow, I never win giveaways! Thank you:)

  2. Really pretty photoes! Happy Belated 22nd Birthday! :) I sure that birthday cake was delicious.


  3. Eeep! Thank you love!! I just wanna say you definitely made my day haha! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! I always think the 22nd year is good luck! (its my favorite number) Hope youre having a happy new year!!

    Nika x x

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    Now following, hope you can do the same?

  5. loooooool maturity is over-rated!!
    Indulge in your childlike behaviour, guilt-free :)