Monday, 7 March 2011

Video Debut

The video is finally out - as of yesterday, which means I can show you all the backstage, behind the scenes MTV style stuff in the form of digital photography. I have to say it was an amazing experience and is its just like how MTV Making The Video makes it out as, but more hectic, less spacious and a very very long day.

Started with a 6 am alarm clock and finish with a car dropping me at my doorstep at about midnight. Working with Leeann was a lovely learning experience and someone I  would love to assist on a more frequent basis. Unlike the horror stories of stylists she gives great advice, passionate about her work and doesn't let out her anger on you - and no stupid requests! In other words a blessing!

Yasmin is an amazing artist, beautiful and not forgetting she is a well known Dj - triple threat! 

For know I will let you enjoy the photographs, but if you want to see the video click here and you'll be able to watch it, for some reason I have a feeling it will only be available to UK readers!


Here is the video youtube style.

And Finish Line. 


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  2. love the outfits!

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  4. such an amazing video! lovr it! :)

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