Friday, 30 January 2009

That Viktor & Rolf.

That fashion student, is up right now and I just finished watching the Viktor & Rolf Documentary on DVD called 'BECAUSE WE'RE WORTH WORK'. It goes into depth of the development of Dutch duo's fashion line and how you broke into the fashion industry with their theatrical catwalk shows and avant-garde creations. It takes the viewer up close and personal with the Dutch fashion duo at the turning point of their career, with the launch of their new fashion line, their 'Flowerbomb', a matching catwalk collection, and new lines of glasses and shoes.

It available on DVD under Submarine DVD. I think you can get it on Amazon I am sure of it actually, but I got it at my university library so I am sure you can get it at your local university library also.

It's a really good DVD, and maybe get the book to go with it, if you have got any money, I know poor students no money. Should be in your local university library.

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