Saturday, 22 May 2010

Grazia x Carnaby Street Event

Just over a week ago I attending the Grazia and Carnaby Street 20% Evening. You know what that means... MAC, MAC, MAC! Of course it had to clash with another special special day, my three year anniversary. Since my boyfriend is such a great boyfriend ( We went to a safari, how fun!!) he rushed me back so I can buy my MAC essentials.

I met up with my girls Rochaelle from The London Doll and Derya from BloggedyBook nice and early before the long queues around the corner commences. Once we got into the tiny tiny store it was so packed!! We could hardly move, but those MAC girls know how to put on amazing make up.

I decided to buy two lipstick and a blusher, a nice red lipstick and a nude one. I didn't want my red lipstick to be too orange, I personally think it wouldn't look good with my skin tone, so I chose Russian Red. The nude lipstick, Dressmaker, is from their Pret a Papier collection,

lush, lush, lush!!

Oh, guys by the way a giveaway coming up soon... BIG BIG GIVEAWAY!!


  1. wow beautyful it
    follow u now.!

  2. ohh i love those colors. super cute.

  3. thanks guys!!! don' forget to join in on the giveaway if you haven't!!