Thursday, 5 March 2009

Evisu Day Two

I started the day working with William and him telling me a little information about denim, which was quite interesting and the differences in stitch and weight. He gave me the opportunity to research for SS10 line and explained what direction they wanted to go in which like flight jackets, biker jackets and a take on America 1940/1950. The times of pin up girls and when America went to war with Japan and the influence it now has on Japanese fashion. Personally, it was very older man influenced. The concept he has begun with is called 'Biker & Bombs'. I was given a few images which they collected, magazines and clothing which he got from Japan. 

In the afternoon I had to chance to go with William to go to Selfridges, to show them the new range which is from what I heard is the for celebration of Selfridges 100 years. Evisu is making a limited edition range of 100 t-shirts and 100 pair of jeans with 100 pockets. The t-shirts are black with Selfridges yellow embroidery each one will be numbered e.g 1/100, 2/100 etc. the jeans will be available in four colours and they will be 25 of each colour. 

We met Ollie and William basically explained the range, and then we went to the shop floor to Evisu concessions and met Jeni who interned at Evisu before and is now working in their store and she told me about herself and what she is doing now. Once we got got back to the office the PR guy for Jagged Edge was there, picking out what the guys wanted while they were eating in Nandos.....yes they are normal girls. Finally, they came in, well two of the group and their posse of bodyguards and kiss asses!  The guys were really nice and there was no ego at all. I expected them to be assholes personally as they have a bad rep when it comes to concerts singing like three songs after making fans wait for like 15 minutes, but they are lovely guys. 

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