Thursday, 19 March 2009

I Need To Go Shopping, plus a rant!

Ergh! I am dying to go on a big shop, but nothing is saying buy me buy me loud enough for me to notice and if they do it's too expensive. Topshop is a bore, same things, maybe Kate's new collection will be any better. I need some retail therapy, nails done, hair done. Plus, i need to think about the holiday, which is apparently going to happen, but no one is moving there asses! i have decided to make a list of things I must buy

- Swimming suit if some sort......that flatters my figure and don't make me look like a seal!
- High heeled gladiator sandles....No I can not walk in heels, but this will be my practice shoe, in my size!
- I really nice burberry bag, sample sale.  A nice bag straight up!
- All Saints clothing (Don't they have a sample sale of some sort?!)

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE ALL SAINTS CLOTHES! and i dont think they do a sample sale. actually i could be wrong.
    Topshop is defo a bore and i went in there today an i got borrrrred haha.
    Hmmph try zara, i know some of the stuff are pricy and omg a burberry bag? ewww don't u mean mulberry hun? hehe