Friday, 30 April 2010

Cupcakes Out

Magnolia, Hummingbird to some they are just a two words one for a type of flower the other for a type of bird, to the cupcake obsessed people of the world like myself they are God's gift to our sweet tooth. God has blessed us again, no not with another cupcake bakery, but cake pops.

Cocomata alumae, Clare O'Donnell created this amazing cake balls on sticks with which are making sugar loving tongues and sweet teeth kids all over London go crazy.

These amazing looking sticks of spongy delight are made with fluffy chocolate sponge batter and cream cheese icing, which is then dipped into chocolate - I know amazing and yummy, but it doesn't stop there. Each delightful stick has amazing designs on them which are all hand painted from Brit Pop which has the Union Jack on it to Russian Dolls.

You can now order from her site Pop Bakery, and she will wrapped and deliver them. That would be a great gift at the end of a dinner party, then think birthdays, weddings!! One cakepop, two cakepop, three cakepop, four....

1 comment:

  1. It looks so good! I would kill for just a bite;)