Monday, 3 August 2009

Hair Muse.

Recently, I have been so bored with my hair! I actually can't do anything new with it! Dyeing it can not been done since my hair just falls out to this dye it still is! I tried to do cute curls to it, the fluff on my hair isn't long enough. Weave is not applicable in the summer months, I am sorry I don't know how these girls do a full head weave in the summer sun, it's like wearing a wooly hat 24/7! So there is only one other resort, some sort of hair cut with some extensions in!

I've been looking for a while! For some reason my boyfriend and friends seem to think I look like Rihanna, I know...where?! Anyways, at first Rhianna's cuts were practical then everyone started doing the same hair style! I'm sorry I am not a sheep and I don't want to look everyone with short hair!

For ages I have wanted a fringe or bang, whatever you want to call it, but the front of my hair is too short for the heavy bang that I wanted! I would have to get a piece put in the front for a fringe! DISASTER! Visions coming to my head of black girls with hair pieces all silky and beautiful and the the afroness waving out from the sides and the back, and tracks smiling at me right, left and center! I know I will have to pay big money to get none of the above! Now the hair cut! Gosh, the hair cut. 

Tao Okamoto, my hair muse. It's a rebellious, modern take on a sixties look. It can look edgy and angelic and I will be able to look after it! I love the fact it cover you eyebrows and is such a blunt cut, plus it means you don't have to do your eyebrows in the morning if you're rushing!

What you think? Shall I or not?

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