Friday, 29 October 2010

Make Up & Kell..

As some of you may know - I am a fan of MTV's 'The City'. I think it is an amazing insight into the world of fashion - okay maybe not the world of fashion, but it is my reality fix. You love Whitney, but can't stand Olivia, yet you love both their fashion styles. Never the less one person you really truly respect is Kelly Cutrone. Originally us reality show lovers met her on the MTV's 'The Hills' way back when Miss LC was still in the show, but that's another story.

Kelly Cutrone has become not just known to those within the fashion industry, but also to those not within and believe me she is truly an amazing woman. She has her own Public Relations company Peoples Revolution and recently her own real reality show "Kell On Earth', as well as being a single mother to her beautiful daughter. A must read for ladies and gents who want an insight into not just fashion, but life, you must read her New York Times best seller 'If You Have To Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Taught You'. It is a very interesting journey Ms.Cutrone has been on, ups and downs. She has given me inspiration to get off my ass and don't follow the route that society has put me on. Her book has made me think twice about my decisions and why I am doing it. As some of you may known about my small career goal change, her book helped me on with that. 

I had the lucky honor to meet her during her short visit to London. She tweeted that she was going to be in London for one day and doing a book signing at Illamasqua, an amazing make up brand which celebrates being different and a statement of self-ownership and self expression. Of course I was down there faster than you know.

She gave a talk of thanks for all coming down and you could tell she really appreciated people coming. The fact that all the books there sold out within 30 minutes tells you something. A surreal experience meeting her, at one point I nearly had to go outside and cry!

Illamasqua are an amazing brand and they put the fun back into make up. As woman (and some men) we forget how fun it is to dress up and being someone or something else for a day, a night or a week. Something that in today's society we have all forgotten, until Halloween comes round. If I had more time I would of love to have a play round in their make up, I may just pop back there soon. Just so you know they are on Beak Street, London W1 just at the end of Carnaby Street.

All in all, girls and guys read this book - you may not like all of it, but you will love some of it, but it will make you think. 

I just wanted to make you guys aware that all the proceeds from the event went to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. In 2007, 20 year old Sophie and her boyfriend were kicked, stamped on and left unconscious for being on thing - looking different. Sadly, Sophie died later due to her injuries. 

In tribute to Sophie, her family made ' The Sophie Lancaster Foundation' which helped young people to be aware of the tolerance to violence against uniqueness. Illamasqua have created the Sophie Eye Pencil and Sophie Wristband which is available from their online store. Make a donation guys!


  1. Looking forward to rocking our tassell earrings together baby!!