Friday, 1 October 2010

Fashion TV x AOFM Fashion Week Party

Last week to end London Fashion Week with a bang, I was invited by the amazing Sandra Cooke to the Fashion TV and Academy of Freelance Make Up (AOFM) Fashion Week Party. I RSVP'ed and invited my sidekick Rachel along with me. The event was also to celebrate F Vodka being launched into the UK and the AOFM book.

We was greeted by some interesting ladies in cirque de fashion costumes and some 'hunky' guys with the AOFM logo painted on them. It was an opportunity to make new contacts and to dance the night away, in the most fashionable way possible - with a glass of champagne in our hand.

A performance for Escala made the night even more special - seriously those girls are really amazing, they make you want to pick up a violin! There was another artist who performed with some interesting song lyrics, but I have forgotten her name - maybe it is best I did. 

We made some contacts from Fashion TV, AOFM and other places. Fashion Week is like another world, really for once I felt like just dabbled into the industry. Hopefully one day they will know my name... 

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